What We Do

Discovering hidden stories through the smallest clues

What We Do

Discovering hidden stories through the smallest clues

Six continents. Three oceans. Countless cultures and languages. Endless stories wait, undiscovered across the vast earth. Endless stories of people living life to the fullest, steeped in the history of their ancestors, striving for a better future for their children. These are the stories that reveal the culture, history, and life of the people. These are the stories that make the world a better place when discovered and told authentically.

Our job is to find these stories, hidden in the smallest corners of the world, waiting to be discovered and bring them to life carefully by building relationships based on trust, mutual understanding, and respect across cultures. We strive to preserve these stories as they are remembered and told, bringing them to life for the world to learn from and enjoy. By doing so, we contribute to a more tolerant world that appreciates the beauty of each culture.

Movie/ Film Production

Movie/ Film Production

Beneroots, LLC. is the one-stop solution for producing high quality videos. We provide detailed support in response to a wide variety of requests from domestic and international clients. We have a proven track record of hosting international crews from the BBC, National Geographic, and other international media for co-productions. We provide a wide range of production services with our excellent bilingual staff.

We guarantee high quality video production solutions based on our deep knowledge of culture and history, with the support of relationships built on trust; relationships that we have been building around Japan for decades.

In our experience, the "culture" of each country and region is the pride of the people living there, and is the very essence of their lives. Video and program productions that focus on "culture" require attention not only to the people and objects of the subject matter, but sometimes to the entire region as a whole.

We are able to work around strict budget constraints by providing one-stop services, including production, direction, remote-directing, and overall filming service with our reliable onsite staff in Japan.

<More About Our Visual Production Services>

We provide expert services in the following areas:

  • Production Services
    We can arrange a producer who can create a bilingual production team and organize the highest quality solutions for media productions based on your needs.
  • Direction Services
    We can arrange a director to tell stories in the best way possible for your targetl audience based on our experience and knowledge with Japanese culture & history.
  • Interview Services
    Interviewing (Japanese/ English/ Spanish) We provide experienced inter-cultural, multilingual interviewers to get the best information possible in a limited amount of time to develop the best story possible.
  • Photojournalism
    We serve as photojournalists who can travel, interview, write in Japanese, English, and Spanish. We can advise the most effective and budget-conscious way. Still and movie options are both available.
  • Fixing Services
    We offer a one-stop solution for domestic and international video production work in Japan. Main services are as follows:
    • Research
    • Logistics
    • Location Management/ Scouting
    • Obtaining permits
    • Staffing
    • Rental gear / studio
    • Transportation management
    • Drone photography/videography
    • Casting management
    • Interpreter
    • Interviewer
    • Photography

    Please enquire about services not listed above - we’d love to help you!
Cultural Branding

Cultural Branding

We offer a variety of cultural promotion services, utilizing our skills and expertise in facilitating cross-cultural communication based on extensive experience and connections with international media.

We work with multiple government agencies, and major hotels and resorts with PR, branding, and promotions.

Our clients:
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Japan Tourism Agency
Embassy of Japan in Kenya
The Japan Foundation
JNTO, Japan National Tourism Organization
South Africa Tourism Association
Four Seasons Hotel
Palace Hotel Tokyo

<More About Our Cultural Promotion Services>

  • We provide cross-cultural consulting services on international film productions.
  • We also provide consultation & advice on ways to introduce Japanese culture, people, and products overseas, inviting foreign media, organizations, and personnel to experience local Japanese culture in effective ways.
  • We do brand promotion for foreign clients in the Japanese market.
  • We do personal hand-made tours/ guides in Japan for major hotels' VIP guests.
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